Kokkok PAY

Kokkok SOLUTIONS co., Ltd

E-Wallet Payment


A pure wallet solution for financial app which will help customer pay his bills, top-up mobile and many more.

our KOKKOK PAY mobile wallet app which allows you to scan and pay to other KOKKOK PAY QR. Along with QR transactions and fund transfer you can also do electricity(EDL) payment and water(NAMPAPA) bill payment right from your app. You can check your spends at the dashboard and detailed statement in the wallet statement section. To. make it fast KOKKOK PAY provide you the facility to generate the QR with and without amount and share the QR to anyone for scan and pay. The major functionality of the app are listed below:

  1. Generate QR (My QR)
  2. Scan & Pay
  3. Add Money (You can add money to your app by Payment Gateway using your Other bank account/wallet/card)
  4. Transfer (Fund Transfer to other kokkok pay app and other member bank).
  5. Profile (Check your profile and e-card details)
  6. Wallet: Check your balance and statement
  7. Support (For any assistance navigate this menu and get in touch with our customer care executives)

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